Ducted Air Conditioning in Sydney - Every Thing You Need to Know

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JC Air Conditioning is the leading air conditioning company in Sydney. Our team of expert contractors install all types of air conditioning units with a satisfaction guarantee.  We also provide a warranty on your AC system after it has been installed. While we specialize in ducted systems, we are just as adept at installing split and reverse cycle air conditioning systems.

It can be frustrating during the summer to have your aircon system stop working or needs replacement. No the case, we have provided Sydney and the Eastern Suburbs with AC repairs and installation for over a decade.

What is a Ducted Aircon System and is it For You?

A ducted air conditioning system is a special type of AC system designed for use in places that typically have longer and hotter summers. All it takes is one unit to supply ice cold air throughout an entire home or commercial property. 

JC Air Conditioning’s team of expert technicians will first check blueprints of your home or commercial building to determine where the ducts will have to be passed through. Once one of these systems have been installed, we will ensure that the air is flowing and we will keep up with any maintenance required.

Advantages of a Ducted Air Conditioning System

Reliability - Most systems come with 5 year warranties for parts and labour, with the units expected to last a minimum of 20 years. 

Inconspicuous - The ducts on the ceiling of each room are much less noticeable and simply look better than split systems, window units or portable air conditioners. A ducted system is an outside unit that is easily hidden with ducts that hang from the ceiling.  

Quiet - One of the best aspects of a ducted system is how little noise they make. The range of volume for most systems runs from silent to noticeable depending on the number of zones being used. While the main unit located outside can be a bit noisy at times when you are outside you do not hear the noise once inside a home or office.  

Disadvantages of a Ducted Air Conditioning System

Complex Installation - These systems can be fairly complicated to install. Most of the system will need to be placed in the attic and if there isn’t one a space will have to be made. In addition, there will need to be places for the controller board and the outdoor condenser unit.  This is not the type of system you can get installed in a day.

Possible to Lose all Your AC - Split systems are good air conditioning units because even if one unit goes out the remaining ones can keep a home or office somewhat cool. However, if a ducted system develops a problem then the entire system can stop working which can lead to a bit of discomfort during the summer months.

Cost - There are more expensive systems to get installed than split systems. This is partly due to the advanced technology used in these systems but it is also partly due to the high cost of labour.  

How Much Does a Ducted AC Installation Cost

Ducted AC systems can cost a good deal of money to have installed compared to other types of air conditioning units available on the market. A small system for a home could begin to cost in the neighborhood of $5,000 while larger commercial properties or large residences can easily cost upwards of $15,000.  

However, before looking at the price and automatically putting aside the idea of getting this type of system installed remember that these systems will actually increase the value of your home. The small imprint of these units combined with their efficiency make the price well worth it when you look at the positives it can bring to your property.

Why Choose JC Air Conditioning?

For over a decade the team at JC Air Conditioning have provided Sydney and the eastern suburbs with AC repair and installation services. Our technicians are not only specialists in installing all major types of AC systems but we will work at your convenience. We offer a warranty on all AC systems in case of repairs being needed and make your satisfaction our priority. We want you to enjoy your the smoothness of your new AC system and the coolness it provides. 

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