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Cost of Air Conditioning in Sydney
July 27, 2019

Split System VS Ducted Air Conditioning in Sydney

When deciding on what kind of cooling system you want to install in your home, there are a couple of choices out there. You may have to choose between esthetics, functionality, and price.

Esthetics deal with what it is going to look like after installation. Is it in sight? Is it noisy? Is there enough room for it to run correctly?

Functionality is where you decide how to get the biggest bang for your buck. Are you going to focus on output for cooling or an energy saver?

Understanding Different Types of Air Conditioners

This is where negotiations really start. You may have found the one but is it ideal for your property and your needs? The best thing to do when you start shopping around is to shop within your budget. If you happen to find one that is a little more but has better features to fit your lifestyle are you going to save for it or go with only the ones that fit in your budget? Before choosing split system or ducted air conditioning you need to understand how they are different from each other.

What is ducted air conditioning?

The Ducted system employs one unit to serve several rooms through hidden ducts in the ceiling.

How does a ducted air conditioning system work?

Normally the air conditioning units are located in the attic or crawl space. From there the air moves throughout the building through ducts that have vents in every room.

What are the pros of a ducted ac unit?

The most obvious pro is that there is the lack unsightly units out where they can be seen and heard. There are less units to run which means there is less noise output. They remain concealed from view while still allowing easy access during inclement weather.

What are the cons?

These units are bigger and if you have a malfunction with it, then you have to shut down the air for the entire building until it is repaired. Depending on designing your home yourself versus purchasing a previously owned residence, the space required could be limited.

Split System aircon unit, what is it?

A split system is just what it sounds like. You will have several units depending on how many rooms you want to cool.

How does a split system air conditioner work?

If you have a central room that you want cooled off then you will only use one unit, a duct, and the one motor.

Pros of a wall hung split system installation?

The biggest pro is that you can budget how fast you can get your place cooled off. You can purchase them one at a time as you get the money together to expand on your project. If you have on unit shut down, you still have air for the rest of the house.

What are the cons?

The biggest con is that it is less energy efficient to purchase this way,but sometimes you just have to weigh what you want versus what you are able to do.

Using an expert installation company of your system

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